Top 7 Things To Do In North San Diego County

cat_south_african_recipesIt’s summer in San Diego; so get out and do something!


  1. 1.Sunday July 10th, 2011- Taste of Africa: West African food will be the fare at this great venue for learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Recipes, cooking class, and samples are just some of the things you’ll enjoy.
  2. 2.Monday July 11, 2011- North County Celebrity Sonnets: Come hear some of Shakespeare’s works being provided by local performers, educators, authors. community leaders, and more. Pieces from his 154 sonnets will be used for this event followed by a reception.
  3. Tuesday July 12th, 2011- Grains Cooking 102: rice, wheat, and corn aren’t the only grains out there but they’re the ones you’re probably most familiar with. Come learn and cook some other tastyand healthy grain you might not be so familiar with.
  4. Wednesday July 13th, 2011- San Diego Savvy: Come join 6 Degrees San Diego networking group at Wine Steals in Cardiff for some professional networking. This the elite networking group in all of San Diego.
  5. Thursday July 14th, 2011- Ayurvedic Perspective on Vitality and Immunity: Learn about this East Asian holistic medicine developed many centuries ago. This could be the alternative you’ve been looking for.
  6. Friday July 15th, 2011- Rembrandt/The Golden Age of Dutch Art: Come hear this educational lecture on why this renowned artist is consider one of the great masters of art.
  7. Saturday July 16th, 2011- Serenitas Duo: Enjoy an afternoon of classical music performed by classically trained musicians. This will surely relax you and take your mind away to a far off time and place.