No More Foreclosure Auctions At Court Steps

could a foreclosure auction be coming to a hom next door to you?

Could a foreclosure auction be coming to a home next door to you?

What do you mean no more foreclosure auctions? The title of this post might seem to make you wonder about this but what it’s referring to is a change in where these types of properties are sold.

I recently read an article informing the public at large that foreclosed property auctions are no longer going to be held at the court house steps. The main reason behind are concerns about safety and people traffic. There are some auction bidders that will bring lawn chairs or similar types of chairs and take up large amount of space to camp out all day for the opportunity to bid on homes.

This will be unusual because it’s customary for foreclosed homes to be sold at the court house steps throughoutthe country. Using the court house steps is more of a tradition than anything else. In fact these are technically commercial activities and lack the permits to be held at the court house steps location. Therefore at the advice of the San Diego Sheriff’s Dept. out of regard for safety and overall disruptions to day-to-day court activities as of Aug. 31st these auctions will have to find another location to hold their event.

So keep your eyes out in Sept for there could be an auction coming to a neighborhood near you!