Top 7 Hottest Things To Do in San Diego This Week!

Happy Sunday Funday San Diego – hope the weekend has been good to you!  Here is your list of fun and unique things to do around town, enjoy!  And remember, if there is an event you are really excited about, let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

Special thanks to Shira from La Jolla Wine Tour 858-551-5115 or reaching out.  Everyone that reads please give Shira a call 858-551-5115,  she is offering special discounts if you mention this page.  Not to mention, how fun!  Who wouldn’t like to go wine tasting in La Jolla???

1.  Sunday Octover 17th – Cheese for Breakfast
Cheese!  It’s not just for breakfast anymore!  Enjoy the secrets of pairing rich, robust coffee and tantalizing teas with cheese at Venissimo.

2.  Monday October 18th – National Cookie Month

Wear a costume for the Halloween parade and eat cookies during History for Half Pints Program at Balboa Park.  What fun!

3.  Tuesday October 19th – Beer and Cheese/Belgium and France 
New adventures with been!  This is what the 2 countries do best.  Here are the finest French cheeses paired with outstanding Belgian ales to accentuate it’s amazing flavors.

4.  Wednesday October 20th – Coronado Tidelands Stroll
  Take a guided 1 hour tour of the Coronado Tidelands park with brunch afterward!  What a beautiful place to be.

5.  Thursday October 21st – 6th Annual Chef Showdown Competition
Guests will sample delicious and unique food items while enjoying beverages, cocktails, and live entertainment.  Judeges are Martin Gialles of the Marine Room and Sam the Cooking Guy.  Yum!

6.  Friday October 22nd – Monster Manor 
Coming straight from Hollywood the Ghastleys from Ghastley Studios opened their doors.  Visitors flocked to the gates to discover the studio’s secrets but then inquisitive visitors started to disappear one by one.  Will you make it out…..?  Voted San Diego’s scariest Haunted House!

7.  Saturday October 23rd – Dragon Boat Races
The San Diego Dragon Boat Club hosts several teams that compete in everything up to world championship events and have participants from college students to cancer survivors.

That’s all folks!  Happy Funday Sunday!

Coming soon….Top Things to do in North County…stay tuned!