Top 7 Things To Do In North San Diego County

Hope you find somethingtP do in America’s Finest City this and every week. Tractor


  1. Sunday June 26th, 2011- 50 Acres of Fun– Come see machines that helped shape the American landscape. Step back in time and see how things use to be done. If love things mechanical this is right up you alley.
  2. Monday June 27th, 2011- Reading- Scenes From August Wilson’s Century Cycle- Come listen to some readings by this author considered to be America’s most influential and successful African American playwright writing today.
  3. Tuesday June 28th, 2011- Just Meatballs– Learn how to make this iconic Italian delicacies from scratch and impress your friends the next time you invite them over for  spaghetti and meatballs. They’re going to be blown away.
  4. Wednesday June 29th- Wood-Burning Steaks– How doesn’t like steak? Learn chefs’ secrets on steak preparation to make your steaks taste fantastic at home.
  5. Thursday June 30th 2011- Flavored Pasta From Scratch– Since you learned how to make the meatballs earlier in the week, you might as well now learn how to make the pasta and make one fo the best meals of your life on the weekend.
  6. Friday July 1st, 2011-Crusin’ Grand– If you’re a car loverthen this is going to make you happy as can be. Come see classic cars in Escondido and reminisce or dream about your favorite cars.
  7. Saturday July 2nd, 2011- Oceanside’s Independence Day Parade– Come get an early start to our nation’s birthday by attending an early Independence Day Parade in one of San Diego’s communitieswith close ties to our military.