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Can You Sell a Home That Has No Heat Source?

I thought this home had central heat?

In San Diego real estate you’d think that this question about heat in a home where the weather is as close to perfect wouldn’t come into play. You’re probably saying to yourself, “I’ve never turned the heater on in my home and I’ve lived here all of my life”. Though that might be true when it comes to selling a home, or purchasing a home believe it or not there must be a source of heat in the home.

There’s something called basic conditions of habitability and one of them is a source of heat in case it is needed. Just because San Diego has a very temperate climate that rarely sees extremely cold temperatures that would warrant turning on a heat source doesn’t mean a property is exempt from having one.

The definition of a heat source would surprise you though. This could be provided in several forms such as an in-wall unit like you see in many condominiums and apartments in San Diego. Older buildings have another source in the form of a wall heater. We typically see these in apartments that we’re built in and around the 70′s. The larger of heat sources and more often used type nowadays is forced air units. This a central unit that uses blowers and ducts to force warmed air throughout the structure of the home.

So the next time you’re looking at a potential property for purchase take a look around as you walk through the home and see if you can spot what type of heating source the home comes with. If you’re selling a home make sure that your home has a source and that it’s operating properly because repairing or replacing a heat source can be an expensive proposition.

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